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Friday, May 29, 2009

The date and time

Every time Little J goes to my parents’ house, the first thing she would do would be going straight to the dining room to look at the calendar. You know, those wall-hanging Chinese calendar where you need to tear the paper that showing the date every day?? So, my Little J will ask her grandma what is the number on the paper. Usually my mum will ignore her as Little J mostly know her numbers well. But once a while, she will entertain Little J by telling her the date for the day. After that, she will tear the calendar paper for Little J.

What does Little J do with the paper?? She folds it, pretending to make dog bones for my mum’s terriers or ice cream for her grandpa who would be back from work in the evening. Lol!

Besides that, Little J is learning to read the time now. Read those digital watches of course, not those with pointed hands. Still not good with big numbers, but she can roughly know how tell times now. Like 6.10, she will say Six Ten. *wink* She is trying to show off that she know the times now!!

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Jess said...

my girls also learn the number and day from the big calender.

From Jess