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Friday, May 15, 2009

A note on Little J's Teacher's Day

It is Teacher’s Day today, and Little J’s preschool also did not miss on having its Teacher’s Day today. Few days earlier I make booking of donuts and bought a 2 L of orange juice for Little J to bring to school. I also taught Little J to write on a greeting card last night. She was so happy that she hold on and peek at the card for almost the whole night last night.

This morning we went to Bread & Pastry to pick up the pre-booked donuts before off to Little J’s preschool. Sigh! I should have just dropped her at the usual drop off point and pass the stuff to the attendant, but since I were there, I thought of paying off her next term school fee. So, instead of the usual routine, we packed at the designated parking bay and went down together.

Again, I said I should have drop her instead of going down together, because once I brought her to her classroom door, she started to cry. S**t! Normal day, she would be happy to be dropped off and marching to the classroom, but when I am with her, she is making a scene and want me to be with her. But thank god, her teacher came to the rescue and I escaped as fast as I could.

After making her school fee, I did dropped by her class to check on her and luckily she cooled down and forgot the whole scene. Kids!! How they can forget one thing and move on easily!!

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