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Monday, May 18, 2009

Poo and Pee

My Little J has the habit of farting loudly and telling you that she farts. I lost count of her farts but sometimes it is around 4 – 6 times a day. When she foresee a fart is coming, she will stop in doing what ever she is doing and fart. Then come to me and said “mummy, I poot poot”. At least her fart is not smelly fart. Lol!

Sometimes she will confuse between poo and pee. When she urinate, she will say “mummy I poo poo” or “mummy, whose poo poo is this?” I have to correct her from time to time. When she does big business, she will say she is peeing. *faint* It takes time for her to differentiate and know which one is the right word.


slavemom said...

hahaha She's so proud of her loud fart huh.

Sasha said...

hehe dun worry. Jayden is 3 and he get a lil mixed up between You and Me. Mami Give You, when it's supposed to be mami give me. haha cute la yr girl can pause and poot first then continue

Rose said...

Yeah my gal also confused on me & you