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Thursday, May 7, 2009

She got to learn to be polite

Both me and Big J are getting worry about Little J. She has turned 3 years old more than a week ago. Big J said a child’s behavior as adult is reflected at his or her 3 years old stage. Hmm, I don’t really get it but what ever it is, she is still a child and need attention and good guidance to mould her personality and behavior.

But last night we have to frantically admit that Little J is a stubborn girl. The story goes like this:

Big J reached home around 8pm and as usual, had his dinner in front of the television, watching his favourite channel, History on Astro. Earlier, Little J follow my SIL out for car ride. After she reached home around 8.30pm, she just went straight to the remote control and change the channel. Of course, Big J reprimand her for impolite and grab the remote control back from her, told her to ask for permission first. And guess what, she just threw her tantrum in front of us, crying and wailing. Sigh!

So, me and SIL told her to be good girl, asked for permission from her daddy to change channel. And she didn’t want to!! Just cry and cry till she vomit. Sigh! After many minutes gone, she finally and quietly ask her dad “Daddy, I want to watch cartoon please”, then Big J let her so.

And that is not end of the story. She went to complain to her grandma in Kapit over the phone, telling her she crying and daddy is bad boy!!


lvynana said...

yup, not easy to 'teach' kids.

Cat Cat said...

Little J is in the Terrible Threes stage. Hang in there... She's just being a kid. Sabar ya!

Jaanvi said...

It is a very delicate stage in every child's development.. tantrums are just temporary and she will learn as she will grow... :)

Sasha said...

oh no.. maybe she is just cranky? my son is 3 and sometimes he is like that too. Maybe its just the terrfying 3 stage?