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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching up with Facebook

My beloved Big J has started to show interest in Facebook lately and every morning after he wakes up and every night after comes back from work, the first thing he does would be logging in to Facebook! And does he addict to it right away!

I am not complaining about his new hobby, but am glad that he shows some interest in it. Why? He spending less time outside, and indirectly spending less money too. So, ladies out there if your hubby is addicted to any online games, chat or Facebook of any sort, do encourage them to do so. You never know how much you can get them from straying outside. *wink*

From Facebook, Big J met his old classmates and college mates and boy, he is so excited to keep in touch with them after all these years. He was a student council President during his college day, so he met a lot of international students from other countries. Now most of his friends are residing or working overseas. What a way to catch up with long lost friends.

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