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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hola!  (Spanish for Hello)

Does your 6 years old annoy you?? 

Mine does, sometimes.  She now has a habit of reading my sms when ever I writing sms in my handphone.  I did not notice it at first but one time I caught her reading my sms aloud.  Oh sh*t!  She was peeping from behind the car and read my sms. 

Although I warned her from that day she still like to read my sms.  But mostly nothing too private, as I usually send sms to my family, may it be Big J or my sis.  But I do not like her to become a busybody or having this bad habit of intruding other privacy.  I don't mind, but would it become a habit when she is bigger??

She also have a sharp tongue.  Sometimes I cannot stand her words.  She says the darnest words I ever heard.  And the father already set her ambition to become a lawyer someday as she is very good with words and has a sharp tongue.  Sure win in every cases.  Lol!

Every day she would ask me to guess what Spanish words mean in English.  Since she started watching Dora The Explorer in Nickelodeon, she learnt a lot of Spanish words.  Well it may come handy next time.  Lol!  But Princess always annoyed me by asking me to guess what this word mean etc.  Sigh!  Already know I am not Spanish-illiterate, still she likes to ask me again.  But I do learn few new Spanish words from her.  Heheh!
And my princess is not very girly too.  She plays like crazy (no body's business), and she loves dirt.  You can say that she is more like a tomboy!  And does not mind get dirty and I also give up scolding her.  I come to an understanding that she is still a kid, and a growing one.  How many more years that she can play like this?  So let her behave like a kid while she is one.  As long as she clean up after each play, it is okay with me. 

Adios for now.

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