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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Importance of tuition

I grew up in a family where we placed importance of education among the children.  I am blessed that I have parents who understand the importance of good education in children's future. 

I used to have poor marks in my early education but thanks to my parents, they employed a personal tutor to teach me.  The tutor will go to our home 3 times a week to teach me on the major subjects.

But the time changes.  We can either get a personal tutor or go to tuition centres and get further tuition.  Not only that, we can even employ online tutor.  Just like the online tutor on Eduboard.com.  You can get help on your Maths, English, Biology and more from highly qualifed teachers on Eduboard.com.    I see the importance teacher of eduboard.com on how they placed their teaching techniques.  More interactive and smarter and how it fits the children learning style. 

How I wish I have online tutor when I was younger.  It would be more fun to learn then.  *wink*

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