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Our lovely princess

Monday, October 8, 2012

What we do?

We spent most of our times at home.  Indoor!  It is pretty hazy in Kuching for the past weeks and my princess is coughing and Big J is not feeling well.  So we do not go out that often.

The kids will dig, bring out, play and read at home.  We have not finish unpack their stuff, mostly toys and books.  So when they saw their favourite toys, books or DVD, they will bring out and play with them.  And poor me, has to clean after them.  Like this weekend, Princess and Baby Jay were busy fixing the 3D puzzle brought by their gu-gu till they missed their afternoon nap.  While Big J and I were busy catching up on the Chinese drama, the kids are busy with the puzzles.

The swimming pool in our clubhouse is still under repair.  It has been in repair for many weeks now and my kids have been nagging about bringing them to swimming pool.  Sigh!  Wonder when the swimming pool will be ready.  I also feel the heat and cannot wait to dip into the cooling water. 

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Small Kucing said...

yes its better to stay home. bad weather