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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have never thought that it would be this stress but blame who?  Me of course!  I were the one that look for more stress only.

But I am glad that I still to my decision.  Want to know what is it?  Let me start from Saturday morning!

As you may know (or not aware of), we have moved into our new house last Saturday.  Big J and I brought the kids along.  It is moving into a new house.  Must be everyone going in together.  The kids did not go to baby sitter that day. so the 4 of us moved in together.

As usual, Baby Jay's first thing would be removing his diaper.  So he was off diaper the whole day that day.  And how busy I am, bringing him to the toilet every now and there.  But I am proud of him as he did not wear any diaper when he went for his nap that day.  But still have no confidence in him at night. 

With many unpacking and cleaning to do, I do not think I can handle the diaper-free situation with him for the time being.  The kids are sleeping with us in the master bedroom.  Do not want to stress them with a new surrounding, new house, new room.   So we moved a single mattress in with us and guess what??

Big J has been chased from his new King-sized bed by the kids.  Lol!  So the kids and I are sleeping on the bed while Big J has to settle down with a single bed by the side.  And he was not so happy....Lol!

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