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Our lovely princess

Saturday, October 13, 2012

She won a consolation

Princess was into the final of her Chinese reading competition yesterday morning.  Her 2nd time into the final.  The last one that she entered was when she was in Pre-1 (2 years ago).  Then she won a consolation prize in a English competition.

And this round, she also won a consolation!  Proud of her.  This competition is the last competition in her kindergarden before the school ends next month.  I am glad that she has the courage and determination in the last competition although I did not expect her to go to the stage and compete. 

But she told me before the semi-final on Monday that she will go to the stage and win a prize.  Indeed she won something!  Although Chinese is not her strong subject, she did conquer her fear and went for it. 

Her performance on the stage

One of the 1st prize winner.  In her category, there are 2 1st prize winner.  This Bong Sin Yu is one of the winner and also Princess' best buddy in class

Princess and her trophy

Now she has something to remember in her Pre-school!  *wink*