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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unwell and unlucky

It was a bad day yesterday.  Big J had a car accident after office hour.  Just bad luck.

Big J has been feeling unwell lately.  Dizziness and tired.  Has been nagging him to go for medical check up and after things happened then he will go for check up.  We suspected he has high blood pressure.  My SIL advise me to make juices from small bitter gourd, green apple and carrots to reduce his high blood pressure.  Will go hunt for small bitter gourds in wet market tomorrow when going to market with my mum.  Not every day we can find people selling small bitter gourds. 

So yesterday it happened that baby sitter need to attend a wedding dinner and I requested Big J to pick the kids earlier.  He is supposed to do check up yesterday morning but busy at work.  Since his office is nearer and I could not leave my shop unattended as my staff is having off day.  But Big J suddenly not feeling well and dizzy while driving, and could not in time to brake.  So hit another car from behind.  Luckily no one is hurt. 

Lesson learnt!  Never do things last minute and health is always important than work. 

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