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Monday, October 29, 2012

Taken off

Last Saturday after much persuasion I pulled off her first baby tooth.  Not much crying from her, just initial shock and pain and after that she was all smiling again, showing off her baby tooth.

I need to pull it out because her permanent teeth is visible and growing pretty fast at the back of the shaking baby tooth.  So after explaining to her on the procedure, she finally agreed to have it taken off.  And by telling her to choose either me or her grandma to do it, she decided to let me do it.  Lol!

Using a thread it just took one pull from me and the baby tooth was out!! And a bite on an ice makes the bleeding stop fast and soon she forgot about the pain.  Not only that, she got a gold coin from the tooth fairy that night too and she got to keep the baby tooth herself.  Lol!

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