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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Graduation in a month time

Princess told me that her graduation falls on Friday, 9 November.  Oh dear!  That fast?  Or time really waiting for no one??

Princess has been babbling non stop about her dance performance for the graduation night and what she needs to prepare etc.  She told me she would need to put on lipstick and blusher for that night.  Like I did not know.  She joined last year graduation night, so this year would be no exception.  But the only difference is that Princess is finally graduating from her Pre-school this year.  And she is moving to a new milestone soon.  How anxious I am?

I have not yet check on her placement in the primary school that we selected for her, but I heard from a friend that the list of students would only come out by December.  So I will go to the school to check on the list that time.  By then, we would have good time hunting for school uniforms, white shoes and stationery for her.  My Princess is truly grown up!

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