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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Commitment in relationships

Your man may loves and adores you but he may not take it easy when ask him to commit himself fully to you. Try the following steps to make it easy for him:

1) Make it easy for him to confide in you by listening without giving him advice or criticising him.
2) Make your man feel special by showing him that you love him for himself alone.
3) Try to be natural.
4) Give your man the sense that he can keep his freedom - at least to a reasonable degree.
5) Don't let him do too much for you or spend too much, (even if he volunteers).
6) Don't make your man jealous as a device to build his interest in you.
7) Insist on sexual fidelity once you feel you need it.
8) Help your man to accept the fact that he needs you and loves you.
9) After a few months, insist that your man introduce you to his family and friends and to anyone important in his life.
10) Guard against giving your man more than you really want to over a long period of time

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