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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diaper-free at home

Latest update: Little J

I am getting her off her diapers at home more often now as she will be going to school next year. So I don’t want her to put on diapers when go to school next year. She has been diaper-free at her babysitter’s house since last year. It is just that I don’t have the confidence to do so at home till last week.

There were 2 occasions where she wet herself in the living room on the first trial. She just too absorbed in her cartoon and when she has the urge, it was already too late. *laugh* However as each day passed by, she getting better. I kept asking her every minute whether she wants to relieve herself or not.

I have never knew that it is so much fun teaching your children to be diaper-free. Once a while you will feel frustrated especially when she wet herself, but it is satisfying to know that she knew when to go to the toilet to relief herself. Even when I am not around, Little J knows how to take off her pants and go to toilet herself.


Billy's Mom said...

Way to go Little J! Great job, Rose. My little Billy is still potty training. Any tips? I am hoping he will be diaper-free before he turn 3.

Rose said...

Not easy Hilda. Just keep asking him whether he want to go toilet from time to time. Even if he doesnt want and you know it is about time he should pee, just bring him to the potty and get him to sit. Sooner or later he will associate potty to pee and will know where to release himself next time.