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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Days of absenteeism

It has been many days since my last post. I was down with sore throat. I got it from Big J. He was sick after back from KL last week. He has yet to recover, but he is flying to Peninsular today for a management training in Redang.

Little J is getting better, thank god but she still have running nose occasionally. We have problem feeding her medicine, need 1 person to hold her and other to pump the syrup into her mouth. I am controlling her intake, not to give her anymore Vitagen and cold drink. And restricting her bath time too. Every time she is taking her bath, she will take long time in the bathroom, playing with the water. Sometime she will lie down on the floor and imitate swimming style!! *laugh* Wait till she is 3 or 4 years old, then daddy and mummy will enroll her in swimming class.

As for me, I have sore throat since Tuesday and it is kind of tiring to look after a sick child and a tired hubby. When I have sore throat, coughing and flu will come hand in hand. Sigh! How come even when Little J is sick, she is still that active and don’t want to sleep earlier at night? While both parents lay down half death on the bed, she still can jump on the bed and irritate you.

So, those are some little update from me. Not so much on blog hopping lately as I were lazy and not up to doing it. Hubby took the notebook to work, so I don’t have any notebook to access internet too. Don’t worry, once I recover, I will visit your blogs and read all the posts. Till then!

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Billy's Mom said...

Hope you, little J and big J are getting better soon. Take care!