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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ways to win his mates

Your boyfriend has many buddies, they may don’t like on first impression or ignore you as to them, they think you are hijacking their buddy away on Friday nights for your self. No matter how much you dislike his buddies, or how immature their behaviour is, the truth is that his buddies are there to stay. Find ways to get along with them. You will never get rid of them, so instead find a way to get them on your side.

1. Talk about sports. Most men love football. Read the sports pages regularly so you are updated and know what is going on
2. Ask if they can make you a copy of their favourite CD even you don’t like it
3. Strike a friendship with their girlfriends so you don’t feel left out and a part of the gang
4. Ask them questions about them to show you care and want to know them well
5. Offer to sit in the backseat every now and then, to show you are not possessive about being next you your boyfriend
6. Tell them how lucky your boyfriend are to have them and they are a good bunch of guys
7. Ask advices from them on what present should you get for your boyfriend on his birthday or other special occasion

Good luck!

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