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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Surfing in the room

Finally we have our streamxys in our room. The feeling is just great.

The plan to install streamxys has been at the back of our “to-do” list as we don’t have times to go through those necessary procedures and register. After reading Jen’s story on her unpleasant encounter with the Streamxys staff, I was even more reluctant to register. Luckily Big J took the initiate and has the patience to do so as he needs to go online pretty often at night. Part of his job scope, he said.

So, the problem now is to come to an agreement on the schedule, divide time between both of us on whom should use the computer on certain nights. Better say it clearly now, otherwise later we may end up fighting over the computer. *wink* But I guess I will give priority to Big J since he needed it more for work than I do.

1 comment:

Zooropa said...

Just buy another PC/notebook to avoid fighting over it, isn't it simple? hehehe...