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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

She needs extra 2kg

Paediatrician advised for Little J to put on additional 2kg as she is slightly on underweight level. Her current weight is 13kg. Her paediatrician said 15kg would be ideal for her age.

Hmm, she is still very much of a picky eater, only eat certain food. Not a very adventurous toddler when come to food either. She may touch and taste the food on the table, but if she doesn’t like them, she will throw them out and put them away. It takes one’s patience to feed her a bowl of rice.

Wonder what else should I do to encourage her to try new food?? When will she pass that stage? I hope it will not persist till her schooling age as she will be going to pre-school next year. I would love to see her put on some extra weight by then.


mybabybay said...

Does she like milk, if she does, maybe you can increase that.

Rose said...

Mybabybay, she only drink milk at night or when at home. She doenst take any at her nanny's there.

Yeah, when she ask for milk, i just give it to her

Billy's Mom said...

Aaah...Billy weight just 25 Lbs/11.4kg but his pediatrician did not say anything. I will definitely ask him about it on his next apt.

Rose said...

It is about average weight. Children at this age should be around 12kg. so i guess the paeditrician wanna see my gal fleshier. cos my gal very skinny.