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Monday, July 21, 2008

She has her way

She knows that I don’t like her to sit in front of tv for longer period but she has a way to go around the rules.

Little J will use her aunty when she wants to go to the living room to watch her cartoons. First thing in the morning, she will jump from the bed and heading to her aunty’s room. She will start to pester her aunty by bumping her butt on the door and calling her to come out from the room or let her in. I guess she cannot be heard if she knocks using her hand, so instead she will bump at her door with her butt. *laugh* She knows her aunty wakes up pretty early and will bring her down to the living room.

So every morning, she will stay in the living room alone watching cartoons while I get ready for work. Sometimes Big J will accompany her if he wakes up early. Just thank god once Little J sticks to cartoon shows, she will become a couch potato, stick on the sofa, not move an inch there. So I know that she is safe in the living room alone.

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