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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little shopping this evening

After dinner this evening, me and Little J have a walk at The Spring shopping mall. The Easter Friday is coming up so the mall is decorated with some Easter bunnies and eggs. I asked Little J to take photos with the big bunnies but she did not want to.

Aim to get her a birthday present since her birthday is just few weeks away. Either a pair of shoes or a dress. It is easy to buy presents for girls. So many things to choose from! Lol! Big J has been complaining that she has a lot of shoes and you know, toddlers. They grow pretty fast and sooner or later, they cannot fit into their shoes.

End up I didn’t get anything from her. They do have sales at Parkson, but I couldn’t find anything nice for Little J. Never mind, probably bring Big J to come along this weekend. He is good at complaining as well as commenting, so let him choose what he wants for his gal!!

Where else we went in The Spring? We went to MPH (browsing around for some books for Little J) and Tai Khiong (since Little J has been asking to buy biscuits when ever we asked her why she wants to go shopping!). At least we didn’t go back empty-handed. Get some household stuff and some biscuits for Little J.

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