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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family updates

Just a little updates on The Ling family. Activity wise, we mostly spent our weekends at home, hiding in the room. Damn hot and lazy to go anywhere lately. Big J has been complaining of stress at work and thinking of changing new job. His team is performing very badly this year and Big J’s boss commented on cost cutting measure. In other word, it is retrenchment.

Little J is doing fine in school. No complain from her teacher so far. Lol! Health-wise, she is not doing well, been hit by running nose and cough. On and off. Always have her running nose and it got bad after her birthday party last Friday. Too much of cold drink. Sigh! Stubborn girl, I told her not to drink too much cold water, she never wanted to listen. Like Big J, she also went for “one-go” that night.

The weather has been very warm for past weeks. Little J also got some heat rashes around her neck and both armpits. Poor her, been sweating and complaining of itchiness around the affected areas. Got some cream from doctor on Tuesday night when visited doctor for her cough and flu. I am still monitoring her rashes for now. I have been getting her to stay mostly indoor and try not to be too active. She sweats a lot and the rashes will be more visible and itchy when she sweats.

Rashes on armpit

My tummy

As for myself, I am into my 22nd week now. Baby in the tummy is very active, kicking most of the time. My next visit to gynae would be next week. Other than constipation, drier skin and feeling warm most of the time, I am doing fine.

So, that is for some updates on my family. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!

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