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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ain't going up to the stage

There was a singing competition at Little J’s school today. It is a sort of audition for a spot in the final. More than 20 students participated and the students are given choices of two songs.

Each name would be called out and the students are ushered to the mini stage to sing a song. When I reached the school (which the competition has started 10 minutes ago), some parents were seen busy taking photos and clapping hands. Some children crying and did not wanted to sing when went up the stage. My Little J was one of those that did not want to go up to the stage. Her name was last few before the teacher called it a day. The teacher just merely asked her whether she wanted to try and sing, my Little J just shake her head. Sigh! I guess she has a stage fright after seeing so many friends one by one went up to the stage.

Just when everyone were queuing up and doing the “choo choo train” style to go back to classroom to collect bags, Little J was been pushed twice by her classmate. Oh dear! The little boy was pretty rough and pushing Little J away when Little J was trying to put her hands on his shoulder to form the train line. Poor girl! I couldn’t hold myself when she started to cry and teacher and attendants were busy to attend her.

Little J did not know of my presence till I called out her name. Seeing me, she crying even louder and rubbing her tears on my shirt. Lol! The teacher still have time to approached me and told me Little J was singing well in class and should be going to final, but she will give Little J another try to be fair to other students. I am not boasting but Little J does have an interest in singing and she is good. Am glad to hear the teacher's comment, but I guess going up the stage with so many strangers would be a scary experience for a 3 years old child. Anyway, Little J stopped crying after we picked her bag and went into the car. When I asked her why she didn’t want to up to the stage, she just said “don’t know”. And why crying, she said “friend hit me”.

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