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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little J's little mimic

Take #1

Big J has been calling Little J honey pie since she was a baby. Lately she started to call her daddy “honey pie” too. Like this evening, when Big J reached home, she opened the door (yeah, she is tall and strong enough to turn the knob and open the door) and jumping up and down seeing her daddy. She called him “honey pie” and said “I am daddy’s honey pie”. Oh well, don’t know who is whose honey pie now! Lol

Take #2

Little J has two laptops given by both paternal grandparents for her 2nd birthday. Her usual routine in the evening would be playing with one laptop then another and swapping back and forth. Sometimes she can be mean to her laptops by banging on the mouse and saying “stupid mouse” or “crazy me”. Oh dear! Got to teach her good manner and don’t vandalize her toys!

Take #3

When I pointed out her wrong pronunciation or directed her on how to sing, Little J will said back to me “No mummy. I don’t want you to say/ I don’t want you to sing. I read/I sing” She sure has her own personality and doesn’t like criticism.

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