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Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is art time

Before I have chance or decided to wrap her birthday present, Little J has spotted her present in the room. Since she has seen her surprises, I might as well let her play with her presents. For her 3rd birthday, I bought her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers and Sand Art. Here are some pictures taken while she was having fun:

Trying her hand on sand art for 1st time

The instruction said it is for 4 years and above, but what the heck! Most of the time, it is me that helping her peeling the sticker while she did the sand spreading. It takes time and sand art is rather tedious and messy. We couldn't play it with fan or wind around, otherwise you would need a lot of cleaning up to do in the end.

Sticking away

Those stickers of Disney characters are undeniably cute. I couldn't resist myself too. Not only you can place the stickers on the given card, but you can also stick them on your legs or decorate your bed as Little J shown me. Lol! She loves those stickers on her bed.

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