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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Soup for sick mummy

I have not been feeling well last week. Coughing and sneezing, plus insomnia for 2 nights. Hardly get good sleep for couple of nights but I am surviving. Little J has been so caring, and I was touched by her good thoughts.

I don’t know where she learns the “masak-masak” (Malay word for cooking) from, but she has been stirring some imagination on some of her toys and turning them into a new game. When asked her where she learns how to cook, she replied “From mummy”. Oooh, sometimes my Little J sure knows how to flatter people. Hmm, has she been in the kitchen too long with me and learn how to cook?

Back to her masak-masak game, she uses her existing toys (block games and its container, a customized balloon stick, and a lantern) and turn them into a game of masak-masak. But first she will bring the block container to one corner to pretend to buy some fishes and then to other corner to wash her hands before start cooking. *laugh* And what she pretended to cook? A bowl of soup for her sick mummy! She knew her mummy has not been feeling well the whole of last week and she made some soups for her. And mummy has to pretend to drink and bite the blocks, because Little J was very pushy and insisted I do so. Lol.

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