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Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby sitter wants to take care of her

Little J is still sent and taken care by her baby sitter. Her baby sitter unwilling to let her go, she said missing her very much. She loves Little J like her own daughter and like some companion at home since daytime no one in baby sitter's house. Little J has been with this baby sitter for 2 years since she was about 10 months old.

So we make arrangement with the baby sitter that she will pick and take care of Little J twice a week on weekday. So if I am busy or not able to pick Little J from school, at least I have her baby sitter to look after Little J. I found it is a good arrangement since we will still send Little J and my baby to baby sitter once I deliver. Just want to make sure Little J will still get used to her baby sitter and having someone to look after her when her mummy is not available. Money is tight and we are saving every possible money we could.

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its always good to have someone as back-up in case you are busy. My lil one is with my mom and one day, mom was not well and I could not take emergency leave ... i felt so terrible having mom to still take care of him while she was vomitting! I do hope to find a solution to this like yours .. have a part time day-care but am afraid he would not like them.