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Friday, August 21, 2009

When is he out?

Little J has been pondering when her little baby brother going to be out to this world and play with her. She keeps asking me the question "When is baby coming out?" for the past few days. Once a while she will goes to me and touch my tummy and ask the question. I have to tell her that we wait for the time and baby will be ready to meet cheh cheh soon.

She even get ready the baby bed and cuddly bear for her brother. So sweet of her. I gues she is growing up and know what is going around her now. Or probably she can sense that baby is coming and she can feel the excitement around her?

I went for check up yesterday morning. Except for pain on my fingers and soles, doctor assured me that it is normal. Weight is around 63.8kg which I maintained since last week. Doctor has made the necessary arrangement with the hospital on my planned C-section. So now we just have to wait for the Big Day. *wink*


Cynthia said...

wow.. take care Rose.. and all the best in your delivery of the little baby boy.. I am sure Little J is getting excited too..

slavemom said...

She's gonna be a great jie jie. Glad to hear everything's well with bb. Wishing u a safe n smooth delivery!