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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Draws & Doodles

We went to Big J's office yesterday morning after breakfast. Little J insisted on visiting her dad's new office. Since she has been good girl and finished a small bowl of noodles, we decided to give in to her request.

While she was there, she was playing with her dad's intercom, company stamps and playing with the computer. She loves playing with computer mouse; she is good at clicking those icons now.....

To get her off her dad's pc, we gave her some papers to play with. She was doodling and drawing and I come upon few cute pictures that she drew. Can't make up what they were, but they are cute. Something like potatoes with eyes and mouth! Lol!

When asked her what was she drawing, she would point to them and said "That is me, and that is mummy and daddy". *wink*

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