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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The balloons girl

When we think of Kuching Fest, we would think of its food fair and booths that promote and sell products of interest. We did not go to Kuching Fest this year; you know for fear of A H1N1 pandemic and haze. She may not be going to Kuching Fest, but Little J sure got some souvenir from there!!

Her aunt has a booth there so she will buy balloon for Little J. One balloon per night. Her aunt spent around RM50 for 4 balloons (1 balloon "fled" to the sky) just for Little J. For few nights, I let her tie her balloons onto her bed, but after that I have to throw them into the other room. They run out of gas pretty fast too. I wonder what would I do when the balloons are out of gas? Fold and keep them? Putting air into those balloons cost around RM2 - 3 per balloon depends on size.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Very lovely balloon. I deflated 2 because I have to fly them back. Now I just blow it up for the children to play.

Angeline said...

sooooooo nice!
but seriously, I won't spend on balloons... *wink*