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Friday, August 14, 2009

She loves reading

Since young, we have instill the interest of reading in Little J. Most of the books are bought by myself and since I am not Chinese-educated, most of the books are in English language. Her very first book is hard cover called WORD which is bilingual in Mandarin and English. We realised that it is good to get hard cover book as it wouldnt be easy to tear and last longer too. Couldn't trust a young kid to handle book. I bought her a picture encyclopedia (Winnie The Pooh series) and boy, am I regret. Some pages are torn. Either she flipped the pages too rough or purposely torn them apart. *Faint* But now that she is older, she learns to appreciate books more and take care of them better.

Slowly I introduced Phonics and story books to Little J. She loves reading. She would request me to read to her almost every other nights on bed. Sometimes I could be bored by reading the same story books. hahaha! She can recognise the sound of each alphabet and spell the words out. She recognises some words well too, thanks to repeat reading. Or probably she can memorises them well? Lol!

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