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Monday, August 17, 2009

Another one in a week

Just when her right cheek is recovering from the fall last Tuesday, she has another one on Sunday! Darn! Doesn't this kid ever learn her lesson??

Little J was playing picnic on the floor by putting out her blanket on it. Then she wanted to go for a pee and I accompanied her to the toilet. Once she finished, she just ran to the room and then the next time I heard, she was crying out loud! Oh dear! Hitting her face on the side of the bed. That must be hurt. Luckily it did not hit her eye, or I couldn't think of what is worse. Sigh! Another bruise on her right face.

She can still smile for a photo!!

It is just tiring to train an active 3 years old how to play safe, listen to parents and never to repeat the same mistake. Any parents with good tips on training their children to be obedient?

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