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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I get touchy as she is full of hands!

Do you have a toddler that her hands cannot keep to herself all the times?? Touching this and that?? Doesn’t mind the dirt and mud on her hands or even all over her. Gosh! Sometimes I could feel that she is testing my patience and perseverance. I just couldn’t believe that I could control myself from not scolding or raising my voice at my Little J.

Lately she has been on a slight rebellious side; doesn’t listen to reasoning and warning. She knows that it is wrong, but still she is doing it all over again. Like when we go out, she would suddenly knee down and touch the floor. She knows that she is not suppose to do that as I explained that she will get sick from doing it if did not wash her hand, but few minutes later, she will do it again. Hmm, how to control from not scolding her?? And how to discipline her??


Cynthia said...

keep cool mummy.. maybe another way, is making her be an example for the little baby.. since she is looking forward being a cheh cheh soon... :)

slavemom said...

U're vy vy patient. When my kids touch this n that whr they're not supposed to, I wud've freaked out n shouted like a mad woman edi. *pai seh*

Jess said...

Must be something attract her to do so, I don't believe she purposely do that for nothing.

Try to get the message from her why she like to do that.

From Jess