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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why, why, tell me why

Sometimes I wish I could make her stop asking me questions. It irritates and make me blow my top. And sometimes I felt sorry for losing my cool on her.

I must control my temper or I couldn't possibly be a good mum (cum teacher) to my 3 years old Little J. She has been very persuasive in asking questions that she can repeats the same question a "hundred" times that you think you go nut. Why "this" and why "that". Everything she must ask why. I understand that she is at the age of curiousity, she tends to ask a lot of "why" questions. But sometimes she is just teasing or testing my patience. Like when I asked her to sit down on the sofa instead of jumping around, she asked me "Why, mummy?" Even after we give our explanation, she will still ask the same question. Even my SIL complains that she is behaving like like "old lady", very "lo so" (long winded).

There was a time when she bluntly ask my dad's employee "Why you don't have hair?" Ooopps! The male employee is bald. I don't know how he feels, but as a mother, I am embarrassed by Little J's bluntness. Got to teach her some manners.

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