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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mei Mei cannot go home

Her little cousin, Chloe came for a visit last night with Chloe's mum. And what noise and mess around the house with those 2 girls running, screaming and fighting for toys. A chaos!!

Chloe and mummy stayed for more than a hour, and after hearing that there would be some water closure today due to lack of rain (thank god, the cloud seeding was successful, we had heavy rain throughout last night and early morning), Chloe's mummy decided to go back to keep some water!! And oh dear, my Little J didn't want her mei mei to go home!

Little J will use what ever methods and tricks to make mei mei stay. For instance, standing at the door, to keep people from leaving, or pulling mei mei to the side to prevent her from leaving. Very naughty girl. Like last night, it took us a while to make her leave the door. Scolding and bringing out the "rotan" (hanger for this case) putting some senses to her.

I guess Little J misses some companionship and loves to have someone to play with. But she can be a bad example to younger sibling. Like, teaches her little mei mei to jump on the bed and screaming around. Lol!

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