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Monday, August 3, 2009

Once upon a time

One of those nights when Little J came to me and the following conversation goes like this:

Little J: Mummy, I would like to tell you a story?
Me: What story?
Little J: It is about Mickey Mouse.
(that is her favourite cartoon character)
Me: Okay.
Little J: Once upon a time, Mickey Mouse is with Donald and Goofy. They are looking for a bouncing ball.
Me: Bouncing ball?? Whose bouncing ball?
Little J: It is Pluto’s one.
Me: What colour is the ball? Is it red?
Little J: No. It is blue in colour.
Me: Oh, so they looking for Pluto’s blue ball.
Little J: Yes.
Me: Where did they find the ball?
Little J: In the clubhouse.
Me: Did they use any mousekertoodlers?
Little J: Yes. Something moving. Like a car. To catch the ball.
Me: Hmm, what is that?
Little J: Don’t know.

Well, I did not get any head or tail of her story but at least she can answer my questions well. She will learn to tell a story much better next time. *wink*


michelle said...

How come you get to ask the questions?? Hehehe...

Cynthia said...

here for a visit.. and found that your chat box can't put in message :p

Rose said...

Michelle, I got to ask questions or else I would get the story. :p

Cynthia, sometimes the chat box not working that well. I dont really know why. Thanks for the visit!

slavemom said...

Wah... so nice. She's the story-teller instead of u. :)