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Sunday, August 2, 2009

A musician in making

The latest toy for Little J!!! A keyboard! Her toys are getting more and more each day, and we couldn't think of a place to keep all those in the house. I told Big J that we may need to allocate a special room for her toys in our new house.

This toy is a present from my dad who recently came back from Johor. It comes with a microphone and can be operated by batteries or electricity power. I haven't got time to dig my old music books. I wonder whether I could find them or not; if can, probably teach Little J some simple song. Whose know? Probably she will pick up music from there. *wink*


michelle said...

Nice keyboard, maybe should start her with some music lessons.

slavemom said...

Nice gift! U can teach her simple tunes. Kids pick up vy fast one.