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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture perfect

Every time we ask her to pose for picture, she will either make funny gesture, look at other place or cannot be still for a second. Not like when she was a baby, every time we brought out the camera in front of her, she was ready with her smile and pose.

The other night, I took out her old photo album and she was very excited to look at her own picture when she was a baby. She will ask “why I like that?”, “Who’s holding me?” and “Where is this place?” etc. She even loves to look at her photos stored in the computer. I lose count of how many photographs we took of her in the past 3 years!!

Children really grow up fast without you realizing it. When they are smaller, you wish they grow up fast. But when they grow out of the baby phase, you wish they were babies again! Hahaha!

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