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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dinner @ Buntal

We have a late dinner last Saturday night! My dad picked me and Little J up from home around 6pm that evening and we off were together to Buntal around 7pm. Buntal is well known beach area for fresh and cheap seafood! While enjoying your dinner, you will be entertained with the music from the beach, i.e. wave hitting the shore and cooling night wind. When you crave for seafood, you would definitely think of Buntal and its food! Many tourists visited it for dinner. Santubong is situated nearby, where Sarawak Cultural Village and Damai Beach are located.

Dad having good time chatting and peeling off the prawn skins

Thank god we have some light dinner at my parents' house before we departed. We reached Buntal around 7.45pm. It was dark, so I hardly can see anything from the Buntal food outlet. There were many food outlets along the Buntal beach. We tried the one at the end of the road, sorry I cant remember the name of the outlet.

My aunty and uncle from Singapore

My uncle and aunt made a visit to Kuching for Ching Ming (Chinese Tomb festival) last week, so we invited them for nice dinner at Buntal away from Kuching's busy streets. The dinner cost around RM200, we had steamed prawns, fried squid coated in flour, midin, mixed vegetables, jelly fish with special sauce, steamed Kampung chicken in wine, and fried vermicelli.

My cheeky little girl! She took a lot of those crispy fried squid! LOL!

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