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Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Moments

I was mesmerized by some old photographs of Little J while browsing through my pen drive. Her laughter and pose always bring smile to my face. When I was down or not feeling alright, a single look at her photographs with her smiling back at me will boost up my mood again.

I am particularly like this recent photograph of her while comfortably settling herself in our bed. Isn’t she look cozy in there? Even when it is time for her bed, she has reluctant to comply and didn’t want to move from her place. She is a darling to our life yet one little mischievous girl.

Since invest in a new digital camera early this year, I have been taking photographs of her when I have the opportunity or remember to do so! I always bring my camera around in my handbag so I will not miss out on every single interesting events involving Little J. She has been my model since then, and never grew tired of been photographed! As for me, I also never grew tired of photographing her too!

I know that when she grows up, and myself and Big J grow older, we only have those photographs as memory. We cannot turn back the clock and go back to the times, but with photographs as our faithful companion, we will sure remember those happy moments that we have shared in life.
Happy - Happy Moments

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