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Friday, March 14, 2008

Impress with her progress

Little J has been surprising both her parents on her vocabulary. Words that she has never said out like "fridge", "starfish" or "shampoo". Suddenly she said them aloud to us while pointing the respective items on her book! We were damn happy for her! You can imagine we were jumping with joy (I should have been jumping around if not for my injuired foot).
She can count from 1 to 10 (in Chinese). As for numbers in English, she usually missed out 1 or 2 numbers here and there. Only this week she learns to say the number three and four in English! Some improvement there! :)
I hurt my foot last week, and when ever Little J started to misbehave, I would told her to be quiet and good girl as mummy is in pain and cannot walk well. She immediately come over and give me a hug! That melt my heart away! Who said children dont understand what adults talking about??
She also got good ear. When ever her aunty or daddy talking downstair or outside our bedroom, she immediately recognised their voices and demanded to be let out from the room! LOL! She would start to shout "open the door" to who that listen to her! Not only that, if she hear any of our cars, she would started to say "Daddy's car" or "Ku Ku's car (aunty's car)".
She is one clever girl (I am not boosting about my own daughter) but I am impress by her improvement. She is a fast learner. I was talking to Big J the other day on sending her to play school this year in hope that she would learn more things. But Big J said she is still small and worry about her been bullied in nursery. Now, talking about daddy's little gal. He is worry about his gal been bullied. I was hoping my Little J does not bully other kids instead! Hahaha!

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