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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Clan reunion

I was talking about my family reunion dinner last night. The Liew’s Clan! It has been ages since I met up with my big and extended Liew’s Clan! I never close to my father’s side of the family, seldom talk to my cousins. We just smiled and greeted each others, that is all! Maybe it is the age gap, as either my cousins are 10 years my senior, or 10 years my junior! Too old and young to fit in! Hahahah! I was more attached to my mother’s side of family. When we have gathering, my grandparents’ house would be filled up with laughter and talking. I always commented that the house is like wet market, noisy like one!

Back to the Liew’s family reunion dinner. It was held in one of the old Chinese restaurants around the city, the Mandarin Restaurant at Jalan Ban Hock. It was my aunty (eldest uncle’s wife)’s 71st birthday yesterday. Coincident my sister's 27th birthday fall on same day! 6 tables in totally, each Liew brothers taking 1 table spot. The dinner started at around 7pm once everyone settled down. The dishes are nothing fancy, but full of meat (you name it, we got it!) from hot dish (first time I have hot dish than cold dish, the dishes are very unique as we have mussels), roasted chicken, deep-fried duck (pity it doesn’t taste nice), steamed fish, butter prawns, shark fin soup and braised pork leg! A 8 main course plus cake and fruit platters! Sorry I forgot to bring camera, so no shot for this posting!

As I mentioned early, it has been ages since I met my extended family members. Suddenly I realized my uncles and aunties are getting older and in their 50s and 60s, cousins mostly are married with children and I have many nephews and nieces that I have never set my eyes on suddenly greet me “ku ku” or “yi yi”! How pathetic!

We have good times last night, Big J and Little J enjoying themselves! To my surprise, last night was Little J’s best dinner as she was actually eating some food (she tasted longevity noodle and some crackers) and behaving well throughout the dinner course, except for the last few minutes after everyone finishing their meals and starting to go around the table, catching up with each other! Little J also grew restless as she kept asking us to bring her to see some live shell fishes and fishes in the aquariums next door. Thank god that we have her grandparents around and them been patient, bringing Little J around to meet with her young cousins!

The dinner ended around 9pm, and we realized it rained after we came out from the restaurant! We went home full from the food and happy that we can still catch up with some relatives after soooooo many years!!

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