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Friday, March 14, 2008

Nervous than him

Big J going to have a presentation for his next week interview in Ampang. I was very excited for him! At the same time, nervous about his interview. No matter what is the outcome, I would always stand by him and support his decision.
His topic would be "Managing Sales". Been good with public speaking, I have confidence in him, but when come to preparing for the presentation, I need to take charge here! He is required to prepare powerpoint for the topic. Big J is not a computer widget! He used computer for entertainment purposes only. Used it to watch DVD or play computer games! LOL!
So, you see I am more nervous than him. It looks like I am the one that going for the interview. I have been busy sourcing for points and ideas for his topic via websites. So far, not much sources (maybe I didnt go to the right websites). Nevertheless, marketing is a common sense matter, just need to add some senses to it! :)
Need to get down to work tonight. Better get the powerpoint ready otherwise I would not be able to enjoy my weekend with him nagging down my neck, begging me to help him type. As matter of fact, he is not a good typist. One alphabet would take 2 - 3 seconds of his time! LOL!

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mama bok said...

Not easy being the competent wife eh.. ;)