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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Edgy little girl

Little J has been very edgy yesterday and this morning. She also caught flu and mild fever yesterday and still sneezing this morning when drop her at baby sitter’s house. She must have got them over the weekend! Too much of bath and cold water! LOL! She loves to play water and indulge in those vitagen and yogurt drinks. No wonder she got flu and fever.
I drove Big J to airport yesterday morning after breakfast with him. As expected, Little J threw a tantrum in the car asking for her daddy to carry her. I have to separate her from her daddy and carry a reluctant and screaming child into the car! LOL! What a scene it created in front of the airport!
Not only that, she threw another tantrum at the baby sitter's house after sending Big J off the airport! She didnt want her baby sitter to carry her into the house! My heart gone soft and sad, but what to do!? I just have to drive off, knowing she will be fine after comforted by her baby sitter.
She still in her edgy mood this morning, and didnt want to get down from the car at baby sitter's house! My guess is it must be her fever that make her edgy. LOL! I hope her mood would improve after seeing her grandparents from Kapit this evening! Yes, they are in town, arriving this afternoon. At least, she can have all the attention she wants from her devoted grandparents.

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