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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chain Reaction

What do you do when your kid misbehave on the dining table? Reprimand them, right? Then, what do you do when your kid starts to create a scene by crying out loud after that? Reprimand the parents! LOL!

That was what happen when we have dinner few nights ago. As Big J, Little J and myself settling down for a nice claypot dinner, we created (or rather Little J) a scene at a coffee shop. We had stewed lamb soup, braised chicken with mushroom and stir fried midin. As usual, I let Little J feed herself. Since she just had her milk before going out, she hardly touch her rice.

After few successful feeding, she started to play with her food. Banging her metal spoon on the plastic plate and spilling her rice around. Big J, been very particular on table manner, told her to stop. Little J ignored him and continue with the banging *bang bang bang* What’s next? Big J got hold of Little J’s hand and lightly squeeze her hand to stop her from banging! Oh boy! There went the crying girl!

Little J started to cry so loud that all the heads in the coffee shop turned to our table. Tears fall from her face and turn red from crying. It was quite embarrassing! So to calm Little J, I hit Big J back.

Me : Mummy hit daddy! *smack on his hand*
Little J : Hit daddy
Big J : Hit daddy (showing his hand to her)
Little J: Hit daddy! Hit daddy! (hit his hand)

There is it! End of the commotion and Little J back to her normal self! I guess she knew that her daddy is going to scold her again if she misbehave, so she did not play with her spoon after that. Lol! We finished our dinner, everything went normal and we have our dinner peacefully after the 1 minute drama!

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