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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Over a tiny remark

Am I a bit on the sensitive spectrum lately? It is not the time of the month when I will encounter the fluctuation of hormone level and sudden changes of mood. It is just that I am not in good mood lately.

I have been having cold war with Big J for 2 nights over a remark that he made. It hurts me although to him, it is a small matter. That is why there is difference between man and woman! They suppose to complement each other in life but it comes with argument and conflict from time to time. A small thing for a person is a big deal for another person!

Back to the tiny remark he made, it is not a big deal but the way he said it make my blood boiling! We were just having a nice dinner at home and suddenly he spoilt the whole ambiance by saying that remark. I know that he has a long and tired day at work, so am I! He should not vent his frustration on me!

Yes, some men may be thinking that as his wife, I should tolerate and share what ever problems with husband.

Then again, shouldn’t all works remain at work and not to be brought home? Work and home do not mix together, if do, they will spell disaster to your relationship!! Should you have any problem at work, try not to bring it home! Leave all those problems at work! Yes, I agree on sharing the good and bad time with husband. But again, do choose the right time and place to discuss with your partner. Maybe a talk in bed before sleeping time is good when everyone is in relaxing mood.

Sigh! I know I wouldn’t be having those cold war with Big J for long. Just hope that he will be a bit more compassionate and reasonable to his family. One person’s frustration affect another person’s feeling.


Jen's Place said...

hehe...biasalar for husband n wife to quarrel. And I agree that sometimes we take each other for granted and vent our frustration on the person that we love most. Sometimes I had to remind babe n ask him how come he simply throwing his anger at me. Then he remember and calm down abit...

Lovely Mummy said...

it's so common for such a small matter within husband n wife. Men don't understand what we women really think sometimes. they have their reason and so are we. Y always want women to tolerante to men??? you are right, a small thing that talk out for a person but it is a big deal to other. hope u get well w him liao.. no cold war, ok

Rose said...

Hi Jen, Lovely Mummy,

Thanks for the soothing advices! Dont worry, we have make peace and everything back to normal last night! Hahaha! So, I told him to control his temper and I also control mine, and dont bring works back to home! :)

mama bok said...

I find it is harder .. with a chinese man .. i think it is the culture. I am lucky in this sense.. because PB rarely or actually never hurt me with his words. Wherelse previously when i had asian men for b/fs .. it was alot different.. i feel they thrive on hurting the woman in their life... to make them feel good. That was my experience.. and of course i am not saying that your hubby is the same way. But i think it is a cultural thing.. and the way they are brought up..?