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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Eggy Day

We have a relaxing holiday, brought Little J for window shopping. At the mention of shopping, she went excited.
We went to The Spring on Thursday morning. The shopping complex is in the mood of Easter celebration with giant Easter Eggs decoration and Big Bunny appearance at their concourse area. We didnt manage to take photo of the bunny as it was surrounded by young kids, who eager to take photos with the bunny mascot. Nevertheless, the happiest person around would be Little J, walking around by herself and getting new toys too!

A basket full of Easter eggs!

Mummy also dont want to miss out in taking photo with Little J

Look what Little J has for her Easter Day cum early Birthday present?? Grandma's special present from Fisher Price

Dont disturb her, busy playing her new toy! Alphabet cum tunes and games laughtop, it is called. Its mouse is in the shape of an orange mouse. Very cute indeed! The mum and dad also steal it from time to time to play it! LOL!

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