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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An opportunity

Big J has finally make his move in getting out from current company and look for better working opportunity. I am proud of his move, as he has been on the heat with his boss. Big J is usually a stoical person, always good nature and never complain much about other things. However, there is always a limit to one person’s feeling. He has decided to give his boss his resignation letter after Chinese New Year. Enough is enough!
I was excited for Big J! He just called me up, telling me he is going to Penang for an interview at an established financial institution next Monday. Flight is paid for, and Big J would be going to Pearl of The Orient for a day trip. Should he get the job, possibility of us moving to Penang is high! Yahoo! I dont mind going to Penang as I have heard of its nice food, places and people. I have been to Penang once with group of friends. That was back in 1999.
Penang is more of less the same like Kuching in the sense the dialect they used there is Hokkien, besides Mandarin (Chinese). At least, I wouldnt feel out when people start talking Hokkien to me. I am not good with speaking Cantonese, but I do understand the dialect. I am sure we would easily blend into the environment there.
My dream is still far away, as Big J has not yet confirmed on getting the job. But there is always hope when people interested and calling you for an interview right?


Billy's Mom said...

Wah!!! Good luck for you and Big J.
Hope he got the job. :-))

Zooropa said...

Wishing Big J all the best in his coming interview!


Jen's Place said...

Good luck to u and ur hubby! I rooting for ur hubby to get tis job. At least u will be in penang and tat is not too far away from me!

mama bok said...

Good luck with the interview..! i hope all works out..!