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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Church Outing

Little J’s first day in a Sunday school. Actually it is also Big J and my first time at the new Trinity Methodist church last Sunday morning. We wanted to try out the English session at this church as I have been complaining on not been able to follow the Chinese speeches and songs in the past. I was in Malay and English mediums during school days, so I would not be able to master any reading and writing of Chinese languages. I only learn to converse in Chinese during my college time.

Back to Little J’s Sunday school. We put her in the 4 – 5 years old class, since no other classes that accepting younger children. At first everything went well for her, she was able to sit together with other older children on the benches then when asked to sit on the floor mat, she followed through. As the teacher was busy arranging and instructing other children to be quiet and in order, Little J grew tired of it and went for the door! LOL! We even went to the older children class, but that also doesn’t hold her attention for too long. After receiving some stickers from the teacher, she ran out from the class! LOL!

To our understanding the younger children classes concentrating on singing where as older children classes emphasize on verses reading and other interactive activities. Little J loves singing and dancing, so we thought of bringing her often to the younger classes in hope she will like it.

The English worship services start at 1030am, so we take the opportunity to attend it too. There was a room called quiet room provided for parents with young infants and children. That was where 3 of us were seated!! Oh no! This is worse than the kindergarten and Sunday school classes!! Children were running around (Little J also didn’t miss out on doing some running herself), playing with toys that provided and babies crying! We hardly can concentrate on listening to the services!

So much for our first time!


Billy's Mom said...

I lost the count of the time dear hubby had to bring Billy to the back of the Church during Mass service. We tried the small room but it even worst. Now we switched to Sunset Mass and it works better for us. Bill tend to well behave in the evening Mass. :-)

Rose said...

Hi Billy's mom, Is it? He behave better in the evening mass? Hmm, maybe I will try that for my little gal, see how is she doing.

Thanks for the tip