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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My personal helper

As young as she can walk, she has become my personal helper, sweeping and folding laundry for me! I know, I know, make me look like child abuser! LOL! Little J started to develop interest in domestic chore when she knew how to walk! She always love to bring in the broom and dustpan (which were placed at the washing area) to the kitchen and as far as to living room! Much to the amusement and disguise of her mummy and daddy! She still love to bring those things in although she got many reprimands in the past! Never learn her lesson and I have give up on discourage her! Whose know, she may grow up to be a good helper around! *wink*

Each time I bring in laundry, she will stand at the door step and help to bring in those dry clothing! Not to mention she knows whose clothing belong to who! Daddy’s one, mummy’s one, J’s one! She knows that shirt belongs to daddy, that pants belong to mummy and that pyjama is hers! LOL! As for folding part, she hasn’t known how to fold clothing yet, just helping sorting out which clothing belongs to whose! LOL!

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